Jul 5, 2015

Barista SharePoint 2013 Branch

There is now a branch within the repository that supports SharePoint 2013

Some Highlights:

  • Barista Fiddle improvements (Editor updates, Autocomplete, code folding, syntax checking)
  • New WkHtmlToPdf bundle for Html to Pdf document conversion (Based on WkHtmlToPdf library which isn’t a commercial product, has ability to set page sizes/margins/etc)
  • Reduced GAC deployments – all dependencies except Barista.Core, Barista.SharePoint and Barista.Core are now located in the hive rather than the GAC to minimize collisions.
  • Minification in Web Optimization bundle no longer depends on YUI Compressor
  • Addition of endpoint to get general Barista status (Machine name, Barista deployment status, etc: /_layouts/barista/v1/barista.svc/status)
  • Improvements to the WCF Pipeline
  • General bugfixes across the bundles.


  • Additional Barista Fiddle improvements (Tabs, Dynamic Auto-complete, better save/load to SharePoint mechanism)​​
  • Separate Bundles into individual assemblies and use DI to lift them (Work started)
  • Provide mechanism for individual bundles to be approved via a farm administrator in the service application management screen
  • Provide mechanism for bundles to be deployed via different mechanism than SP deployment
  • Provide v2 of barista services which uses another underlying script engine (V8, Chakra, other… specific goals in mind are performance, sandboxing, real-time debugging, ECMAScript 6 support…)
  • General work items in TFS…