Brew your SharePoint API

Develop and surface microservices in SharePoint and store them as content. One Farm Deployment.

instant APIs

Barista allows you to create and surface microservices that are stored as content within SharePoint. Deploy and version your microservices with the same mechanisms as your native web SharePoint apps.

modular design

Barista's built-in modules provide a rich level of capability that the out-of-the-box SharePoint services don't provide - such as PDF generation, Excel creation and so much more - to provide your microservices a wealth of powerful functionality.

One Deployment

Each microservice shouldn't require a farm solution deployment. Once Barista is deployed to a farm environment, any number of microservices can be developed. Spend your time on creating microservices, not deploying them. 

code with ease

Barista's microservice API lets you interact with SharePoint in less LoC as compared to the SharePoint Object Model.

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SharePoint JavaScript Object Model (JSOM)

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Barista Microservice

Modern development techniques, applied to SharePoint

  • History

    Barista sprang out of 10+ years of SharePoint development experience developing native web applications on top of SharePoint. We found that deploying and managing an ever-growing catalog of farm solutions, especially in strictly-controlled farm environments, was a time consuming, error prone task. In 2012, the Barista Services Framework was born and has been used by multiple clients in production saving hundreds-of-thousands of man-hours.

  • Design

    We know that keeping your SharePoint farm pristine is of utmost importance. As such, Barista is built using only standard SharePoint development techniques. As a pure .NET based custom SharePoint service application, Barista allows for advanced scaling and isolation scenarios that are native to SharePoint and enhanced by Barista capabilities.

  • productive

    Stop writing boilerplate service initialization configuation and code. Barista lets you eliminate the microservice standup and focus on writing the business logic for your service using serverless-style methodology. As Barista code executes on the server via a custom runtime, providing for a generic and uniform execution environment for your microservices. All these capabilites add up to provide you a productive system to write your SharePoint microservices.

  • Extensible

    If the built-in modules are not enough, Barista allows custom modules to be developed and exposed to the services framework. Existing .NET based business logic can be wrapped and exposed easily and exposed to specific locations within your SharePoint environment. JavaScript-based libraries can also be exposed and utilized.

Barista Fiddle

Develop services faster than ever

The built-in Barista Fiddle allows developers to develop services with a minimum of tooling setup. With auto-complete and rich linting, test and build your microservices with the greatest of ease.

Administer with one click

Administrative management of Barista is located right where you expect it -- within Central Administration. Authorize trusted locations to define where Barista is available, approve custom packages and more!

Barista Service Administration
Barista Deployment

Fully scripted deployment to get going fast

Barista deploys via a set of PowerShell scripts. A typical deployment to takes less than five minutes on a three-server farm on Azure hosted IaaS


Get Started with Barista

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