Aug 24, 2012

Service to zip files in a doclib with Barista

A dose of espresso, now with Linq-like syntax, brewed up by your local barista:

//Create a service that returns a zip file of all files within the root folder of the ‘OFSServicesUnitTests’ that start with the letter ‘B’

var list = new SPList("/Documents");
var files = list.rootFolder.getFiles(); //TODO: Change this to a CAML query with a built-in CAML builder so we’re not enumerating all items in the folder.
var bFiles = Enumerable.From(files)
                                                .Where(function(f) { return'B') == 0; })
var zip = new ZipFile();
bFiles.forEach(function(f) { //Using ECMA 5 ‘forEach’ function on Arrays
        zip.addFile(, f.openBinary());
web.response.contentType="application/zip"; //system knows about byte arrays now, and so ‘response.isRaw’ is no longer needed.